Industrial Transfer

Industrial Transfer

This Specific Collection contains videos filmed at Industrial Transfer and Storage in Southbridge, MA and Dudley, MA. Many thanks to the great folks at Industrial Transfer. We appreciate you! What an honor it was to film and make these videos alongside your exceptional team of professionals.

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Industrial Transfer
  • 0002 E - Forklift - Housekeeping - Job site Awareness Hazard ID

    In this video you’ll see a crazy-cluttered work area with a forklift driving through and hitting things. At one point in the video, the forklift driver lifts a flammable cabinet which obstructs his view, while at that same time there are two other workers walking through the work ...

  • 0002 S - Montacargas - Organización - Identificación de peligros

    En este video, mirarás un area de trabajo loca y adornada con escombros mientras un montacargas trata de pasar por ahí. En un momento del video, el operador del montacargas tiene un gabinete que contiene líquidos inflamables. El gabinete bloquea la vista y casi atropella a dos co...